Be able to post direct on the forum ! You need to create a account
(Register with email what you mention in this payment) and then you can post one Month! Spamming is not allowed! Price 5 euro!

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« on: January 15, 2021, 01:19:48 PM »

And welcome to our forum of

Because of a lot of spam is coming in to our other forum we restarted the forum and will make it a little harder to spam us. Sorry for that.

What we did is first of all create a PAID subscription to be able to post on our forum. Simple to prevent to get to much spam.
It cost 10 euro a year and it will give you the option to write on our forum about spam that you got.

This part of the forum is for your FAQ. And yes, you do NOT have to have a subscription to post here, however spamming is deleted and if you do so your account as well. (And it will not show at all till approved)

But you can ask your questions here.

We also created a small fee to post in any of the other parts of this forum, but you have to have a 1 day subscription at least. And as mention before, spam is not still NOT allowed!

If you have questions about the forum, then ask them here ! Ideas ? Tell it here ! Thanks
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